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Mother and daughter - Myelia and Katiya (at a few days old)

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Aktarians are starships - hybrid ships with a soul. They live and love, fly and fold space,dance and prance among the stars, galaxies and universes.

They take a mate for life, from suitable sentient species and produce one child per ship. Why a mate? The ships are not wholly machine and certainly not in the sense humanity understands them. They need a soul to sing to a universe, to fold space and dance between realities.

These tales are being worked on daily and there are dull bits, broken bits, bad bits and at least one naughty starship bouncing clumsily round the pages, one who thinks I cannot whistle.

The ships on this page are Myelia and her daughter Katiya - the result of her union with her human partner Allan - and Gemima the orphan ship

All Aktarian's - other than Thalresh (Enkarra) - are female.

Both lady starships - Katiya and her Mother, Myelia, can be addressed directly on Twitter if you are so inclined. Katiya can be contacted on Twitter

The starships have their own Facebook page here.

Gallery of Aktarian ships

All the stories can be found here.

Go here for fine details and facts - a work in progress.